Cute Baby Frog Pics
Echo's Cute Baby Animal Pics

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Baby Frog Pics, Echo's Cute Baby Animal Pics of a baby Frog & Video Clip of funny little Frog Baby Frog trying to Cross the Road , Baby Frog Pics

Hi , I am Flyer, another one of Echo's trusted companions.. I am in charge of weird photos and funny animal video clips .. the stranger the better >:3

Have you ever taken Photos of Animals ? I find the hardest is that they dont stay still very long and often wriggle just when I thought here is the perfect shot :3

My favourite way of taking animal photos is with my iphone cause its always with me .. also Love taking odd photos and carry my iPhone with video function or big DSLR camera everywhere... sometimes I even bother with a tripod but more often than not you see me laying on the floor in some odd angled position trying to get the perfect awesome shot

Cute Baby Frog Pics
Echo's Cute Baby Animal Pics

  • Early summer we went for a walk across our local woods, and we we came to a spot where a little river went by we spotted this cute little baby frog trying to cross the road.. he was barely visible it was so tiny and very well camouflaged against the grey spotted tarmac surface of the road
  • we watched him for a little while when we heard a car approach ..yikes he had not made it safely across yet... so it was quite funny and I guess weird to watch us trying to protect the little baby frogs journey by signalling the car to go around it .. they could not see what we were protecting from the car so it must have seemed pretty strange
  • However the little baby frog made it safely across to the other side and into the deeper grass where he could go about his way ..somewhat hidden from any predators

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  • look how tiny ... that is a human hand lying still next to the baby frog ... he look like he is about to jump on it doesn't he... we put the hand there to block his way off toward the road where the oncoming car would have flattened him so early in his life... instead he jumped right across into the gree grass
  • the little baby frog was very well camouflaged against the road surface.. one could barely see him properly .. if he had not jumped and our eye caught the movement we may never have seen him.. camouflage helps these little amphibians to protect themselves against predators
  • I am often amazed how big a frog's eyes are in comparison to its little body.. it is especially noticeable with this little baby frog pic head on .. the can spot movement form a wide angle and sit still so as not to alert any predators... they also jump into odd directions to avert potential threads
  • just the tip of a human finger.. and a tiny baby frog ..the finger looks enormous
  • safe escape into the deep grass... the photos came out a little bit blurred as the little baby frog was moving so fast get a better look we have taken a little video clip of the baby frog moving across the road... you might get a better view there... take a peek if you like Echo's Cute Baby Frog VIDEO CLIP ... enjoy Echo :3

Baby Frogs Activities

  • Have you ever seen a little baby frog or a baby toad?

  • Often we can see them in the tadpole stage when they are swimming about in a local pond or near some river but the little baby frogs are very vulnerable to predators and indeed humans when they first emerge out of the water and crawl upon land

  • we have made some little free frog clipart to decorate your school or homeschool projects with take a peek if you like ... Echo's free frog clipart

  • We also took some little cute baby frog pictures although it was very difficult to get a clear shot as the little critter moved about so quick , it is awesome just how high the little legs can propel the baby frog..however we managed a few shots, Echo's favorite is the baby frog against the human shows just how small it is ..take a peek at our cute baby frog pics

  • Echo als made some lovely free frog coloring pages, some with little speckled frogs and realistic frogs and she is also working on some cute cartoon frog coloring pages so stay tuned and sign up for our Wonderweirded Newsletter to be kept in the loop

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We have a list of different types of flower names , from common garden flower names to wildflower names , weed names and herbs names of flowers . The Collection has been designed from drawings of realistic flowers, Botanical Coloring Pages form actual botanical herbarium references and fantasy flowers from  our imagination. Free Printable Coloring Pages and Birthday Cards with Flower Meanings We have decided to include lots of different types of flowers , plants, weeds and trees .Dictionary of Flowers, Meaning of Flowers and Flower Names  yeah :3 Our Real Flower Coloring Pages of , Botanical Coloring Sheets, Flora and Fauna as well as Wildlife Coloring Pages for you to enjoy

My mum is taking charge of all the flower coloring pages here as she likes flowers and botanical drawings. I am personally more interested in the animalistic wildlife side of things and am happy for her to share her beautiful flower drawings with you. She loves going out in nature and looking at weeds, herbs and flowers . When researching different types of flowers depending on what letter they were beginning with we thought this might be a useful list for other people too so here it is

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We hope you enjoyed our wonderweirded fauna and flora , wildlife explorations from botanical wildlife to animal wildlife we love exploring all of nature and her beauty

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