Birthday Flower of the Month

Floral names often can be confusing particularly when traditional botanical names are spelled in latin, a language that is not necessarily familiar to the layman anymore. Here you'll find simple flower names ordered alphabetically for easy reference with printable versions to suit.

Birthday Flower of the Month, Choose the Birth Month Birthday Flowers Delivery.  Each Month has a Specific Flower Meaning associated with it, From the Victorian Language of Flowers impress with a Birthday Card with Flowers

We have a list of different types of flower names , from common garden flower names to wildflower names , weed names and herbs names of flowers . The Collection has been designed from drawings of realistic flowers, Botanical Coloring Pages form actual botanical herbarium references and fantasy flowers from  our imagination. Free Printable Coloring Pages and Birthday Cards with Flower Meanings We have decided to include lots of different types of flowers , plants, weeds and trees .Dictionary of Flowers, Meaning of Flowers and Flower Names  yeah :3 Our Real Flower Coloring Pages of , Botanical Coloring Sheets, Flora and Fauna as well as Wildlife Coloring Pages for you to enjoy

My mum is taking charge of all the flower coloring pages here as she likes flowers and botanical drawings. I am personally more interested in the animalistic wildlife side of things and am happy for her to share her beautiful flower drawings with you. She loves going out in nature and looking at weeds, herbs and flowers . When researching different types of flowers depending on what letter they were beginning with we thought this might be a useful list for other people too so here it is

I love drawing and painting  wildlife all kinds of plants , trees and flowers,  especially colorful ones :3 .  I love making a handmade Birthday Card with Flowers and a choosing a carefully personalized birthday flower delivery based on the Victorian language of flowers to show that I care.
Here you will find our selection of topical flowers  to color, reference sheets,  a Dictionary of flowers as well as some flower clipart and botanical kids activity sheets.

My name is Bunnni, yes with 3 n's and I am one of Echo's Wildlife Characters, in charge of the Dictionary of Flowers , yeah :3 Our Real Flower Coloring Pages of , Botanical Coloring Sheets, Flora and Fauna as well as Wildlife Coloring Pages for you to enjoy, Free Printable Coloring Pages and Birthday Cards with Flower Meanings

To give a little insight into the different birth Month flowers we have been able to acquire an original Victorian birthday flower book called " The Floral Birthday Book" . It is beautifully bound with gold letting , embellished with delicate little flower engravings and carefully separated pages keep all the flower illustrations intact. We would like to share some of the original Victorian language of flowers with you, so choose the birthday flower of the month you are interested in and follow the table below

Birthday Flower of the Month

Birthday Flower of the Month Club listings for Victorian Language of Flowers Birth Flowers by Month and Day

According to the Victorian Language of Flowers each particular day was bestowed with a special flower of the month specific to that day and special birthday books would be kept that listed each birthday next to its specific flower meaning often accompanied with a little flower poem . A handwritten birthday card with flowers would often be send along to the recipient. Today the art of handwritten notes has been replaced by fast online birthday flower deliveries yet it can add a very special and personal touch if attention os paid to what type of flower is being ordered in the florist bouquet so that a little victorian charm can make for a personalized flower delivery.

Birthday Flower of the Month Club JANUARY listings2 for Victorian Language of Flowers Birth Flowers by Month and Day

Birth Flower Types according to the Victorian Language of Flowers Birthday Book


( listings 31 January Birthday Flowers)

Birthday Flower of the Month Club February listings2 for Victorian Language of Flowers Birth Flowers by Month and Day

Birth Flower Types according to the Victorian Language of Flowers Birthday Book


( listing 29 February Birthday Flowers)

Birthday Flower of the Month Club March listings for Victorian Language of Flowers Birth Flowers by Month and Day

Birth Flower Types according to the Victorian Dictionary of Flowers Birthday Book

( listing for 30 March Birthday Flowers)

Birth Flower according to the Victorian Language of Flowers Birthday Book

  • January       ( listings for 31 January Birthday Flowers)
  • February     ( listings for 28 February Birthday Flower  )
  • March         ( listings for 31 March Birthday Flower )
  • April           ( listings for 30 April Birthday Flower )
  • May            ( listings for 31 May Birthday Flowers )
  • June            ( listings for 30 June Birthday Flower  )
  • July             ( listings for 31 July Birthday Flowers  )
  • August        ( listings for 31 August Birthday  )
  • September  ( listings for 30 September Birthday Flowers )
  • October      ( listings for 31 October Birthday Flower )
  • November   ( listings for 30 November Birthday Flowers )
  • December    ( listings for 31 December Birthday Flowers  )

What is Floriography? 

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of different flower types? Our Alphabetical List of Flower Names  listed some common types of flowers but there are so many more to explore. When looking at the types of flowers on alphabetical order then all kinds of flowers have a variety of names, from official latin flower names to common plant names that have been passed down different generations.

The Victorian Language of flowers was an art form in and of itself. People would study the different flower types and different meanings were associated with them. When a young man would present a young lady with a bouquet of flowers , different meanings could be read into it depending on what types of flowers were included in the bunch , wedding flowers got carefully chosen for a personalized bouquet.

Today it is popular to research flower tattoo meanings before embarking onto skin drawings to ensure the right sentiment is captured and conveyed as flower tattoos are not usually reversible. Flower color meanings have also been used to describe different attributes to different emotions , from red roses , to pink carnations to yellow sunflowers , each flower color meanings was interpreted for different occasions.

If you were to order a flower bouquet from a florist for your mum or a loved family member what kind of flower colors would you pick? What meaning do you think they might convey? Lots of different days have birthday flower meanings attached to it as well. We found a fabulous victorian book of birthday flowers called" The Floral Birthday Book " Flowers and their emblems with appropriate selections from the poets . their are 368 flower illustrations from vintage engravings which we are hoping to share here too

Do you have a favorite type of flower ? a Dictionary of flowers literally can contain thousands of different types of flowers. But flower dictionary entries can also be overwhelming so we stay here with the common flower types . What do you like about your favourite flower , the color, the smell or has it some memories attached to it ?

Flowers and Flowering Plants

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We hope you enjoyed our wonderweirded fauna and flora , wildlife explorations from botanical wildlife to animal wildlife we love exploring all of nature and her beauty

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Birthday Flower of the Month Club listings for Victorian Language of Flowers Birth Flowers by Month and Day
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