Plants Trees Flowers Seeds -
An Introduction to Plant Biology

Floral names often can be confusing particularly when traditional botanical names are spelled in latin, a language that is not necessarily familiar to the layman anymore. Here you'll find simple flower names ordered alphabetically for easy reference with printable versions to suit.

 Plants Trees Flowers Seeds, How do Plants Grow, A wonderweirded Introduction to Plant Biology . Have you ever wondered  about the different parts of a plant , from  parts of a flower, parts of a tree  to even the parts of a plant cell under the botanical microscope we try and explore it all .. often the Natural Science of Botany only receives a brief introduction in many education settings , here we hope to look a little closer and develop our Beginner Guide to Botany with Printable Worksheets for Natural Science Teacher Resources

We have a list of different types of flower names , from common garden flower names to wildflower names , weed names and herbs names of flowers . The Collection has been designed from drawings of realistic flowers, Botanical Coloring Pages form actual botanical herbarium references and fantasy flowers from  our imagination. Free Printable Coloring Pages and Birthday Cards with Flower Meanings We have decided to include lots of different types of flowers , plants, weeds and trees .Dictionary of Flowers, Meaning of Flowers and Flower Names  yeah :3 Our Real Flower Coloring Pages of , Botanical Coloring Sheets, Flora and Fauna as well as Wildlife Coloring Pages for you to enjoy

My mum is taking charge of all the flower coloring pages here as she likes flowers and botanical drawings. I am personally more interested in the animalistic wildlife side of things and am happy for her to share her beautiful flower drawings with you. She loves going out in nature and looking at weeds, herbs and flowers . When researching different types of flowers depending on what letter they were beginning with we thought this might be a useful list for other people too so here it is

Plants and Trees and Flowers and Seeds .. the wonderful world of botany opens up lots of room for wonderweirded discovery , from the minuscule parts of a plant cell to the mighty trees of the rainforest , nature has a way to make our planet earth beautifully self sufficient with plant biodiversity

What is Botany? Botany is not just the study about flowers ,  flowers are only a part of the plant, and that Botany is also the study of the leaves, the stem, and the root. Botany is the science of plants.  An organic  organism is a living being made up of organ parts. The inorganic world contains the mineral kingdom; the organic world includes the plant  and animal kingdoms. How do plants differ from animals. What are the different parts of a plant ..lets find out

Plants Trees Flowers Seeds - Introduction to Plant Biology

How plants go, how plants are propagated, why plants grow, what they do and what we use them for, How plants are classified, named and studied

Plants Trees Flowers Seeds,How do Plants Grow,Introduction to Plant Biology


Parts of a Plant, Plants Trees Flowers Seeds,How do Plants Grow,Introduction to Plant Biology from Parts of a Plant , to Parts of a Flower,Parts of a Tree & Guide to Botany, Printable Worksheets

Parts of a Plants

  • Roots
  • Stem
  • Leaves

What are Plants Uses

  • Food Producers
  • Clothing
  • Purification of the Air
  • Fuel

Our Introduction to plant biology

Botany Study Cards
to accompany our  botany dictionary terms glossary we are developing a range of Wonderweirded  Botany Lab Study Cards , these are free printables to aid in any type of plant study from horticulture to middle school science worksheets

Botany Lab Equipment
A Look at the different types of science lab equipment that are useful when studying wildlfife and botany related subjects

Microscopic Plant Pictures
To aid in the study of plant anatomy and microscopic botany we are developing a library of microscopic plant pictures that can help with identifying plant structures, 

VIEW OUR Wonderweirded Botany Lab Resources


Parts of a Tree Plants Trees Flowers Seeds,How do Plants Grow,Introduction to Plant Biology from Parts of a Plant , to Parts of a Flower,Parts of a Tree & Guide to Botany

Parts of a Tree

  • Trunk
  • Root
  • Leaf

Our Introduction to parts of a tree


Parts of a Flower Plants Trees Flowers Seeds,How do Plants Grow,Introduction to Plant Biology from Parts of a Plant , to Parts of a Flower,Parts of a Tree & Guide to Botany, Printable Worksheets

Parts of a Flower

  • Petal
  • Stem
  • Stamen
  • Pistil

Our Introduction to Parts of a Flower


  • Parts of a Seed
  • Types of Seeds
  • How to Seeds get Transported
  • Do all plants have seeds

Our introduction to Parts of a Seed

What is Botany ?
Definition of Botany and Introduction to Plant Biology

Plants, Trees, Flowers, Seeds all make up an intregate part of the study of plants . botanical natural science lessons explore  the parts of a plant, how plants are used in daily life, what  their purpose is in our ecosystem, how plants propagate and generally all the different types of plants that are found. From wild plants and exotic plants  from different climates to native trees, wild flowers and vegetable seedsand all global  variety of the plant kingdom

  • Wonderweirded Zoology

  • Wonderweirded Botany

  • Wonderweirded Wildlife

  • Flora & Fauna Explored

  • What does a Botanist do

  • What does a Zoologist do 

We hope you enjoyed our wonderweirded fauna and flora , wildlife explorations from botanical wildlife to animal wildlife we love exploring all of nature and her beauty

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Plants Trees Flowers Seeds - An Introduction to Plant Biology
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  • Sketching Wildlife in nature can be tricky , especially as the animals never seem to stay still... what are your favourite wildlife sketching tips? It is easier to practice fist with flower drawings, botanical illustrations and those parts of nature that rarely move.

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